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Gag on this... Podcast - Episode 30


Ep. 030  -  Johnny Casino

The gang is down Portuguese Pimp but that doesn't stop the rest of them having a great time with Johnny Casino! We discuss Casino Table, John's view of the local scene, Nick brings up weird subreddits, what it takes to have a good BM, his upcoming podcast, his upcoming weekly mic and what it takes to get one going, and tons more!!! Oh yeah, Book Johnny Casino!!!!!!

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Gag on this... Podcast - Episode 29


Ep. 029 - Jason Anderson

The gang is joined by Jason Anderson (@anderstorms) and we talk John Hughes' movies, One Degree of Separation Podcast, local comedy scene, TMZ appearances, Vincent D'nofrio, recent controversy at Goldstein... goldfarb... goldswitch trading... exports... interational... some local bar that sucks, Sarah Silverman's 10 Rape Tips for Men, Danni D's Corn Fed Florida Experience, and so much more!


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Gag on this... Podcast - Episode 28


Ep. 028 - Parker Newman w/ Josh Means

On this episode the boys are joined by Parker Newman! Danni D was touring the south so Josh Means stopped by to be our guest host! We talked the Phil My Heart podcast, being a comic in today's climate, Paker and Artie Lange bonding, Big Nick weirds people out with Facebook stalking, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month, we get down on some Muddy Buddies, Josh asks Nick if he will be at Sac Podfest, and so much more!!!!

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Gag on this... Podcast - Episode 27

Jesse Rivera    -    @illasever


We are joined by Jesse Rivera! We get deep into #Christiansidehugs, #Joron doesn't know what we are doing, Danielle finally gets why Rob and Big Nick are rarely at open mics, #racistpromposals, #sacramentoreddit, Sacramento being number 2 for ugly people, Nick nominates himself for #garbagepeopledoinggarbagethings, and we watch Jesse's first set.

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Gag on this... Podcast - Episode 26


Dan The Can't Stand Up Comedian

The boys, with new co-host Danni D, are joined by Dan "Can't Stand-Up Comedian" Smith. We discuss what your music type says about your personality, We go inside the comics studio, Dan and Nick argue about who is more famous (still undecided), Danni is weirded out by Nick's Facebook stalking, Joron hates the Bumblebee movie, and we all watch our very first recorded set! Which is awkward for one person specifically, listen to find out.

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Gag on this... Podcast - Episode 25

Joe Lopez

The boys are joined by Joe Lopez and in Rob's absence we got Danielle Devisser as guest host. They discuss the Bad Superheroes project, the boys nerd out on video games, Big Nick's pecs being confused for breasts, we talk good aspects of Santanism, David Thorne, a.k.a. Tennessee Kid, joins to nerd out on Wrestling, Shana Shafer gets over her fears of mics, and so much more!!!

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Gag on this... Podcast - Episode 24

Morty the Mortician

The boys are joined by Morty the Mortician!! We discuss his day job, he enters “The Comics Corner,”  we discuss Anti-vaccers and other news stories, Nick gets frustrated with frequent brownouts during the podcast but Joron fills it with production value, we look at the Interactive Shit Map, Nick talks about being on Instagram for all the wrong reasons, Nick’s respect for parents, Rob drops some hilarious lines that require context, the guys go soft when a puppy enters the podcast, and much more!!! Take a listen to Big Nick asking Morty…well…just listen. Grab us wherever you get podcasts!!! Follow us @Gagonthis_Pod @BigNicJoh @GouveiaRob

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